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HSC President's Letter to Parents on Sportsmanship (11/13/2017)

Dear Hunter families,

I want to bring to your attention some issues from several Hunter Travel and Intramural games over the past few weekends.  The common theme from what occurred deals with the topic of adults and sportsmanship.

We have received several emails stating that some parents have been berating the referees or in some instances they have been yelling at players.  These are all things being brought to my attention and I was not an eyewitness to the events, however I see the necessity to offer a friendly reminder about spectator’s code of conduct.

To the Hunter Soccer parents:

  • Do not yell at the referees. When you yell at a ref, you’re essentially trying to intimidate them. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, there is a shortage of youth soccer referees. And you know why? Because no-one wants to ref in an environment of hostile coaches and parents. So as a Hunter Parent, I ask that you demonstrate good sportsmanship and always show respect to the game officials, even when you don’t agree with their decisions.
  • Openly display respect for the opponent at all times. This is not the National Team or the EPL or MLS. It’s YOUTH SOCCER. Making negative/disparaging remarks at players is completely unacceptable!

I also want to be clear that our coaches will be reminded of this conduct regarding their behavior on the sidelines as well.  It is not easy to get coaches to volunteer to work with so many kids.  Over the years as Hunter Soccer has grown we have worked to educate and license our coaches to address the code of conduct on the sidelines.  However sometimes, in the excitement of the game, this can be forgotten and it is our job to remind them.   Hunter has never had a major issue with our coaches as yet, but when an issue comes up we will address it.  In my experience with our coaches, they have always worked to better themselves for their team.

Regardless of whether you are an adult, player, coach or official this value is paramount since it suggests that you care about yourself and how others perceive you. Sportsmanship Builds Character– Regardless of the outcome.

I leave you with this. Hunter Soccer’s goal is to build on player skills at all ages and levels, develop middle and high school players and to build character through teamwork and sportsmanship- all within an environment that is safe, welcoming and fun. Seeing our youth players having fun, learning to love the game, and making new friends will always take priority over wins and trophies.

Bill Manchester

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit Donation

BAND-AID® First Aid Kit

Many thanks to Johnson & Johnson, who graciously donated 150 youth First Aid kits to Hunter Soccer Club!


The kits include essential items such as Decorated BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages and NEOSPORIN®


These will be distributed to HSC's Travel and Intramural coaches.

HSC's new President Bill Manchester and Chairman of the Board Ralph Bocchino

A Letter from HSC's new President, Bill Manchester



Dear Hunter Soccer Club Families,


I hope that this note finds you and your families well and in great spirits as the Fall soccer season gets underway. My name is William (Bill) Manchester and this is a quick greeting to introduce myself as your new Club President. I was elected this past June and am both honored and excited to take on this role.


Before I cover my background, let me first extend a big THANK YOU to our former President, Ralph Bocchino. To follow in Ralph's footsteps is a big undertaking. He was HSC's President for the past 21 years and altogether has been a coach and Board member for nearly 30 years. His many years of service to the players and all his efforts in support of HSC will leave an indelible legacy. More than anyone, Ralph helped transform HSC into one of the largest and most popular youth soccer clubs in Eastern Montgomery County. So again, thank you Ralph for your many years of leadership and for staying on as our new Chairman of the Board.


I want to provide you with a brief background of my experience in the Hunter organization. I served as Chair of the Fundraising & Marketing Committee. I also coached my daughter's travel team when she was with HSC and now currently coach my son's team, the U13 Dragons.


As your new President, I will serve the club with the upmost enthusiasm and commitment to HSC's mission and values. I intend to make improvements when necessary, in order to ensure that HSC provides a great soccer experience to boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.


Please be sure to check our website and Twitter feed often for club news and updates. I also encourage you to attend our monthly General Meetings, which take place on the first Thursday of each month. These meetings provide a great opportunity to meet with the club's leadership and participate in open discussions. We likewise welcome your questions and/or concerns concerning club matters. HSC's parents and volunteers are a vital part of the club's success. We strongly encourage your involvement!


I look forward to seeing you and your families on our HSC soccer fields this Fall.


Warmest Regards,

Bill Manchester

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