Fall 2018 Pre-K/Intramural Soccer

Details on our 2018 Fall programs can be found on this page

Important Updates


- Fall game weekend dates posted

- Rules posted

- League Start Dates:

  • Friday Night Lights: FRIDAY, 9/7
  • KickStarters, PDL, & Championship League: SATURDAY, 9/8


- Coach Volunteers will be contacted in the second half of August

- At the end of August, the following will be published:

  • Teams & Coaches
  • Practice & League Match Schedules/Locations
  • Uniform Pick-Up Dates/Times


- All teams are formed

- Coach Volunteers are being contacted this week

  • Coaches are emailed team roster with parent contact information
  • Coaches are responsible for contacting each team parent


  • Coach contact lists added to Documents section of this page
  • League schedules released
  • Practices begin week of September 10th
  • Practice schedules will be released on 9/2
  • Uniform pick-up details: Coaches may pick up their team uniforms at the Hunter Soccer clubhouse on any of the following dates:
    • Tuesday, 9/4 from 6-9 PM
    • Thursday, 9/6 from 6-9 PM
    • Friday, 9/7 from 6-9 PM 


  • Coach contact lists have been updated



  • Field Maps released

League Schedules

Schedules powered by LeagueRepublic

KickStarters Schedules

To access KickStarters Pre-K Schedules: CLICK HERE

Player Development League Schedules

To access PDL U6-U7-U8 Schedules: CLICK HERE

Championship League Schedules

To access CL U9/U10 & U11/U12 Schedules: CLICK HERE

Friday Night Lights Schedules

To access the FNL Coed Schedule: CLICK HERE 


  • PDL U8 teams will play an end of season INDOOR tournament at SoFive in Elkins Park on Saturday, November 17th.
  • Championship League U9/U10 and U11/U12 teams will participate in a postseason playoff the weekend of November 17th.
  • Friday Night Lights teams will play an end of season tournament on Friday, November 16th.
  • There is no postseason tournament/playoffs for KickStarters and PDL U6 and U7 teams.

Game Score Reporting

CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE & FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS leagues will maintain scores and league standings. These will be used to determine an end of season 1st place award winner and for playoff seeding. In addition to an end of regular season 1st place award winner, there will be a league champion and finalist awarded from the playoffs.


Coaches are responsible for submitting game scores after they play their match, by entering the information in the form below. These results will then be updated in League Republic, where results and standings are maintained.





Practice Schedules

To access team practice schedules, CLICK HERE



  • Practices start the week of September 10th.
  • KickStarters & PDL U6-U7-U8 team practices are led by instructors. Volunteer coaches do not lead these practices.
  • Championship League U9/U10 and U11/U12 team practices are led by volunteer coaches.
  • The practice schedule contains instructions for the Championship League volunteer coaches to request their preferred practice timeslot.

Fall 2018 Program Documents & Policies




2018 Fall KickStarters Coaches Contact List
2018 IM Kickstarters Coaches.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [62.1 KB]
2018 Fall Player Development League Coaches Contact List
2018 IM PDL Coaches.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [65.4 KB]
2018 Fall Championship League Coaches Contact List
2018 IM Championship Coaches.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [55.1 KB]




Renninger Park Fields Map
Renninger Park Field Map.jpg
JPG image [198.3 KB]
Copper Beech Field Map
Copper Beech Field Map.jpg
JPG image [187.4 KB]
Penbryn Park Lower Fields Map
Penbryn Lower Field Map.jpg
JPG image [165.3 KB]
Penbryn Park KickStarters Fields
Penbryn Park KickStarters Fields.jpg
JPG image [104.8 KB]
Penbryn Park Upper Fields Map
Penbryn Park Upper Field Map.jpg
JPG image [136.8 KB]




KickStarters Rules
2018 KickStarters Rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [71.1 KB]
Player Development League Rules: U6
PDL 4v4 rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [57.9 KB]
Player Development League Rules: U7
U7 - PDL 4v4 Rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [230.0 KB]
Player Development League Rules: U8
PDL U8 Hunter 7v7 rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [61.0 KB]
Championship League Rules: U9 & U10
CL 7v7 rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.7 KB]
Championship League Rules: U11 & U12
CL 9v9 rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.6 KB]




Fall 2018 Game Dates
IM Hunter Soccer Club Play Dates 2018.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [54.1 KB]




The safety of our players is always our #1 priority. In the event of inclement weather, Hunter Soccer will decide by 7 AM on Saturday if matches can be played. If they cannot, then all parents will be emailed and a match cancellation notice will be posted on the website. Please note that matches will normally be played in rainy or snowy conditions unless it is deemed that field conditions are unsafe.


In the event of thunderstorms, Field Marshals are instructed to clear fields if lightning is observed. Play may resume at the discretion of the Field Marshal based on weather conditions. The league hasthree rain out dates built into the schedule in the event matches are canceled due to inclement weather.



We have received special requests from some coaches and parents to trade players among the newly formed Fall 2018 intramural teams. Except in exceptional circumstances, HSC will not honor these requests.


While certainly well intended, many of these trade requests are impacting the age-integrity of our newly formed teams. As part of the redesign and relaunch of the HSC recreational program, one of our primary goals this season and moving forward is to have age-balanced player development and competition levels. Additionally, for purposes of fairness we also want to ensure that moving forward no teams are assembled via a private draft.


We recognize that this may cause logistical inconveniences for some families, however in the overriding interest of player development and player experience we feel that it is vitally important that our recreational program is aligned with US Youth Soccer best practices.



Effective 9/1 all player rosters are frozen an no further changes will be made.

League Fields

Fall 2018 League Fields are:

  • KickStarters - Penbryn Park Softball Field
  • Player Development League U6 & U7 - Penbryn Park Lower Field
  • Player Development League U8 - Renninger Park
  • Championship League U9/U10 - Renninger Park & Penbryn Park Upper Field
  • Championship League U11/U12 - Copper Beech Elementary School & Penbryn Park Upper Field
  • Friday Night Lights - Penbryn Park Upper Field

Contact Member Services

Contact: Chuck Gesing, Intramural Program Administrator


Intramural Member Services Email: hunterscintramural@gmail.com

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