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Opening Day is 9/7/2024

The Hunter Intramural Soccer Program is geared towards the beginner player (at the Pre-K level) to older boys and girls (Middle School Age+) who enjoy playing recreational soccer on a seasonal basis.  We offer the most popular Fall intramural soccer program in the Glenside - Abington - Cheltenham - Jenkintown area, with over 800+ children enrolled annually and nearly 100 parent and coaching volunteers.


The Hunter Intramural Soccer Program runs from September to November, completing prior to Thanksgiving.  Intramural teams are formed by the Club in mid-August, who then play in an age & gender specific recreational league - all teams will be formed based on Grade Level. 

  • Matches typically take place on SATURDAYS with some variations occurring based on field schedules and availability. 

  • Teams also train during the week (with the exception of Pre-K players, who train & play on Saturdays).

  • Intramural matches primarily take place at fields in our local playing area across Abington & Cheltenham townships.

Hunter Soccer provides a safe & fun environment for your child to learn and enjoy the "Beautiful Game" of soccer, with the emphasis of our intramural program being foundational soccer skills, physical development, and an introduction to competitive match play.  Unlike Travel Soccer, Intramural teams do not normally travel to play against teams from other clubs but as the players get older, we do incorporate cross-town “friendlies” with other neighboring IM soccer programs (Chestnut Hill & Upper Dublin) to provide an even more rewarding & fun experience!


The KickStarters program is for Pre-K players with a minimum age of 3yrs by the time the season begins in September.  This is a fun and playful experience designed to introduce children to the game of soccer. 

  • Practice and “Games” are played in a 1hr combined time slot on Saturday mornings at Penbryn Park.

  • All players receive a size 3 soccer ball, starter shin guards, and game jersey

  • 8 Scheduled games (weather permitting)

Questions? Email us at


The Player Development League (PDL) program is for players aged 5+ who are Grades K-3.  PDL is designed to teach children basic ball mastery skills and introduce small-side competitive & match play. 


The key features of PDL are: 

  • Separate Grades K-1 & Grades 2-3 divisions

  • Separate Boys/Girls leagues in each division

  • Grades K-1 = 4v4 format (size 3 soccer ball) - 8 Scheduled Games

  • Grades 2-3 = 7v7 format (size 4 soccer ball) - 8 Scheduled Games + Year-End Turf Tournament!

  • EPYS rules apply

  • Professional Soccer Trainers partner with soccer coaches for weekly practices.

  • All players receive full soccer kits - jersey, shorts, socks


Players in the Grades 2-3 division will be evaluated for interest and readiness to play travel soccer which begins at U-9 age groups at Hunter Soccer.  Please see the “Travel Soccer” section of the website for more info.

Questions? Email us at


The Championship League (CL) program is for players in Grades 4&5 and also encompasses our Middle School Program for Grades 6-8. CL is a semi-competitive league designed to provide an experience similar to travel soccer, but without the added cost, level of commitment, and distance to travel. 


The key features of CL are: 

  • Combined 4th & 5th Grade Division (Size 4) & *Middle School Grades 6-8 Divisions (Size 5)

  • Separate Boys/Girls leagues

  • Travel style uniforms

  • 9v9 format 

  • 4th & 5th Grade Divisions will have pre-scheduled cross-club Friendlies with neighboring clubs (Chestnut Hill & Upper Dublin)

  • The Middle School Division will work in tandem with our sister Club of Upper Dublin Soccer and combine rosters of both clubs to offer a great joint soccer experience for all!  

  • EPYS rules apply

  • All players receive a full soccer kit - jersey, shorts, & socks


Questions? Email us at


Soccer Night Lights (SNL) is our recreational soccer offering for High School Age Players, Grades 9-12. 

The key features of SNL are:

  • Games played on Friday or Sunday Evenings during the 6-9 PM time frame

  • 9v9 format or 11v11 format (depending upon players per team)

  • Separate Boys / Girls Divisions

  • The Soccer Night Lights Program will work in tandem with our sister Club of Upper Dublin Soccer and combine rosters of both clubs to offer a great joint soccer experience for all!

  • Practices and Games for this age group will be held primarily at Upper Dublin facilities & fields.

  • All players receive a full soccer kit - jersey, shorts, socks 

Questions? Email us at

2024 Intramural Program Policies & Additional Info

Late Registration and Refund Policy - All registrations will be accepted until August 15, 2024.  IF space allows, we will accept registrations between August 15 and Sept 1 for an additional $25 late registration fee.  

If you decide not to participate in the IM Soccer season you may request a refund through Sept 1st 2024, less a $25 processing & admin fee.  There will be NO refunds after Sept 1st. 


Fall weather conditions may force the cancellation of some scheduled matches. HSC has no control over this and we cannot issue refunds due to match cancellations but always look to complete at least 80% of the scheduled games every year.


Player / Team Requests - Requests for team placements will ONLY be honored for those who volunteer as a coach or for field maintenance assistance.  While we understand that there may be issues with carpooling, or kids would like to play with their friends, we have found that kids make new friends and have a great time playing with or without their besties.     

Practice Day Conflicts - All children participating in our PDL and Championship League
(grades K and above) will have a weeknight practice (M, T, W, or Th).  If you have a KNOWN conflict (dance, prep, music lesson), please let us know prior to AUGUST 15 (email with day & reason for conflict) - we will make every attempt to have your child practice on a different night.  
After 8/15, it becomes very difficult to make team switches or edit rosters.     

Volunteer information - We cannot run our soccer club without your help!   We are currently looking for two to three (2-3) volunteers for field maintenance & coordination - this would involve lining our most used fields for IM once per week prior to game weekends.  You will receive an additional discount for your player(s).  For more information, please email


We also are always looking for coaches for the upcoming IM season!  

All coaches will receive a $25 discount for your child’s registration per team coached (not applicable for Kickstarters).  We have paid trainers at the weekly practices to help lead coaches through fun drills & exercises with the players.  We often have training in a group format for the younger age groups so that everyone is learning the same skills.  We aim to have two (2) coaches per team whenever possible.  Please think about coaching this year as it is such a rewarding experience!!

Volunteer Coach Background Clearances

All Hunter Soccer Club coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers must submit valid Background Clearances to the club by using the new US soccer registration platform "GOTSPORT". This applies to both Intramural and Travel coaches. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.


Register or create your new coaching profile under


  • Each coach is obliged to upload all clearances and certifications into his/her coaching profile in GOTSPORT.


Security Clearances to be completed every 5 years. 

The earliest valid clearance date is July 1st, 2020.


Soccer Clearances that must be completed or updated EVERY YEAR:



  • SAFESPORTS - (accessible through your coaching profile)


Hunter Intramural Contacts

Email Member Services Support is available from May-November.

Intramural Member Services Email:

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