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HUNTER SC's Travel soccer is a competitive youth soccer program. The program is designed for advanced players who have a high level of skill and strong commitment to the sport. Travel Teams have two practices per week and league games on weekends.  The practices provide an opportunity for players to develop their skills and refine their techniques, while the league games allow them to showcase their abilities and compete against other teams from various clubs in our area. This level of competition helps players to grow and improve as players, and to experience the excitement and camaraderie of being part of a team. Practices start Mid-August and the league begins early September. While there might be a little break or less activities during the winter months, most teams usually continue to play in spring. The travel games are usually within a 20 to 30 minute radius.


The per-player fee charged at online registration is as follows:

  • U9-U10 $460

  • U11-U18 $420

We are happy to announce that we have worked hard to keep our travel costs per player the same as last year while adding more uniform training for our Travel goalkeepers for all age groups.  While other general club costs per player have ticked up (this includes insurance, fall league fees, fall league referee fees, portable fall lights, township permits, field maintenance, equipment, spring cups, administrative costs, etc.) we felt compelled to keep our costs flat in further support of our soccer families.  Hunter Travel soccer is offering a top-quality soccer experience at a very affordable price comparatively. 


For families with more than 1 player participating in the HSC travel program, each additional child will receive a discount of $50. Parents must register using the Family Registration feature in our gotsoccer registration system in order to take advantage of the new discount.



All players new to Hunter will order their player uniforms online with our supplier Capelli. The uniform fee is $115 for royal blue socks, royal blue shorts, a home hoops jersey, and a pink away hoops jersey top. Uniforms will be shipped directly to the player's mailing address. The decision to add an away top results from leagues and tournaments requiring that all club teams maintain a secondary kit in case of uniform color conflicts with opponents. The cost of the uniform kit is not included in the registration costs.



The following birth years will try out on the weekend of 3/23-3/24/24:

  • 2016 (Under-9)

  • 2015 (Under-10)

  • 2014 (Under-11)

  • 2013 (Under-12)

  • 2012 (Under-13)

Please note that HSC travel teams at these age groups are 'age pure', meaning underage players are not permitted to play up a year (unless, at the discretion of the travel committee, it is necessary to field a team). This is consistent with changes mandated in 2016 by the US Soccer Federation. The club does not field U8 travel teams, therefore gifted U8 players may be allowed to play on U9 teams. Such cases must be approved by the Director of Travel Soccer.

The tryout for these age groups on 3/23-3/24 will take place on our new turf field between 8 am and 2 pm. Complete details along with the tryout times will be communicated two weeks prior. 




Saturday 3/23 & Sunday 3/24

Upper Penbryn Turf

Penbryn Park, 220 Houston Rd, Glenside, PA 19038



Tryouts for teams U14 and above will be scheduled by individual teams and announced on our official tryout schedule when dates/locations are confirmed with the club. Click HERE for the already scheduled age groups

Complete details of our refund policy are located at the bottom of this page.

Please contact Hunter's travel soccer program customer service at



We wil provide a FACT SHEET shortly


Hunter offers travel opportunities from U9 thru U18

birth matrix.png

Refund Policy for 2024-25 Travel Registration Fees

Refund of the 2024 travel soccer registration fee will be granted as follows. There are no other exceptions:

  • If your child withdraws before attending the tryout - $395 (U11-U18)/$435 (U9-U10) refund ($25 tryout fee is deducted from registration fee)

  • If your child withdraws during the tryout - $395 (U11-U18)/$435 (U9-U10) refund ($25 tryout fee is deducted from registration fee)

  • If your child skips the tryout- $395 (U11-U18)/$435 (U9-U10) refund ($25 tryout fee is deducted from registration fee). You must request refund in writing by March 18th, 2024.

  • If your child is offered a roster spot and you DECLINE at the time offered - $395 (U11-U18)/$435 (U9-U10) refund ($25 tryout fee is deducted from registration fee). A parent must make a decision when offered a roster spot on a HSC travel team. "I'm not sure", "Need to think about it," etc. will be treated as a Decline.

  • If you accept a roster spot and then subsequently declines, there is NO REFUND.

  • If your child is not offered a roster spot - $395 (U11-U18)/$435 (U9-U10) refund ($25 tryout fee is deducted from registration fee); you will also have the option of applying a credit towards Intramural Registration and receiving the difference.

  • If your child joins a HSC travel team and subsequently leaves the team during the 2024-25 cycle, there is NO REFUND.

HSC's refund policy takes several key considerations into account. First, we seek to attract players whose first choice is Hunter Soccer. Second, HSC will make every effort to provide a travel soccer experience to anyone who attends and passes a tryout. The club will typically form new teams to make this happen (as long as a volunteer coach is available). The club builds these new teams based on the premise that players will accept a roster spot when offered.

Hunter Travel Soccer Contacts

Travel Soccer Member Services: Franziskus ('Fifi') Bertl


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